Friday, September 15, 2017

beach day and some more daily harvests - woohoo!

yesterday we woke up to a beautiful day!

we did our normal morning chores, which always includes making sure the cats are still alive!

we did our daily harvest....

c'est fantastique!

then we said "we should go to the beach"...and so we did. driving to the beach we pass mckinnon's lake....lots of cottages on one side of the lake but not many people up in the last few years.

this is the end of mckinnon's lake - it's a pretty big lake!

just up ahead you can now see the ocean.

around the bend.

woohoo - we're almost there!

a rather blurry pic of the ocean through the windshield of caribou-dura.

no worries. some beautiful pics coming.

not a single other soul to be seen at the beach...can you imagine?

my man was going to the reef with a kitty litter bucket to get me some mussels.

but the tide had already started coming in.

the maniac jumped into the freezing cold atlantic - it never warmed up all summer because we didn't have enough hot days.

when we came home we had delicious and proper korean tempura - shrimp, zucchini, sweet potatoes, onions and mushrooms. with a delicious and proper korean dipping sauce.

we watched a beautiful sunset and watched a show or two on netflix.

today was all about the garlic and onions!

that is a load of garlic! we will sort them and keep the big ones and re-plant the little ones to harvest next fall - amazing!

how about 100 yellow and 100 red onions?

you may say "kymber, they look so small?" and i would say back to you - "have you ever eaten an onion that you grew yourself?" - because they are pretty powerful and go a long way. they, too, will be sorted, big ones kept for eating and little ones planted back out in a day or two.

now here's a trick i learned....jambaloney got some organic onions from the mainland and 2 of them started to sprout. so i planted them each in a pot and now have 8 onions. oh i have learned my lesson and learned it well!

here's all of the garlic and onions with the dirt brushed off them and the tops cuts off.

we will sort them all and the ones we keep will go in a cardboard box (each separate) with a towel over them for the winter. as i said before, all of the smallest onion and garlic will be replanted in the next day or two.

we had veg stirfy for supper - deelish! the secret to the best rice is one that jambaloney came up with - add a couple of drops of almond oil to your rice - oh it is sooooo delicious!

it's pack up and put things away time for us now. then we're making chips and poutine from our own potatoes.

it's a really nice way to end another couple of beautiful days! sending love!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

super river day!

it was a super river day! and remember that great harvest i got the other day? well, i made a salsa with all of our fresh was deelish!

we had it for breakfast before doing our daily checks of cats to make sure they are still alive.

you have to check them several times a day!

can anyone say that they have built a cooler "river shed" than this one?

i didn't think so. the man is a genious when it comes to taking scraps of junk and other people's garbage and somehow turning it into a thing of beauty. take for example this gorgeous boardwalk.

junk and scrap wood he just finds???? whatever. i love my boardwalk!




here we are headed to our secret islands. where we guerrilla garden.

there are so many islands in our river...i'm not even showing you a third of them!

chuck a couple of potatoes, some garlic bulbils, some herb seed....who knows what will and will not grow???

more islands than you can possibly explore...but we intend to explore every one. we've probably explored a thousand by now. all good for guerrilla gardening.

oh no - i'm not done yet - there's tons more islands!

little pretty ones like this guy who may or may not have had garlic bulbils thrown on him - who knows these things?

and another one? geesh - these things are everywhere. hiding in plain sight except nobody knows about them or goes to them?

now we're heading back home. so beautiful our river.

and we are proud to say that we own most of that swampland! hey, anybody want to buy some waterfront? we got a ton of it!

and there's our little bay.

i know that not everyone can afford the expensive accoutrements that we have. like below.

an old blanket that the movers left us 7 years ago...our 5 yr old lounger covers...we've been using that plastic bag for at least 3 yrs - it goes in the kitty litter bucket to store my camera when we are out on the water.

of course - we always eat like kings when we are at the river. beet green salad with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, hemp hearts, chia seeds, hemp oil and black currant vinegar.

with some nasturtium flowers and some pepperettes. 

we know that we have chosen the hard path in life and if anyone wants to send us any money - we'd be more than happy to take it - bahahahahahah! just kidding kids! sometimes i just get too funny even for myself!

we had another excellent harvest today which i will show you tomorrow - we even went to the beach today and now we are sorely wore out. nothing that a nap can't fix! i'll be off to your blogs in a bit! until then - sending love!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

a mixed bag couple of days...

it's been grey with spots of sunshine, it's been rainy, misty and foggy - but still so gorgeous!

here's a flower arrangement made by God - these are all wildflowers that just grow on our land with no help from us. sorry the pic is so dark - the wildflowers are beautiful!

and here is a flower arrangement made by kymber with the help of God - these flowers all came from seeds i planted.

and here they are together acting as beautiful accoutrements  to our table.

can i get a high five for this daily harvest?

thank you. thank you very much. it was an honour just to be nominated. that's a big beef, 2 scotias, and 3 cherry tomatoes. that's a green pepper, some sweet italian peppers, and some hot wax. there's sorrel, basil, coriander and parsely. green onions and 2 red onions. and kids - yes - that is a corn!!!

jambaloney's never-ending jar of pickled peppers was topped up...i removed the old grape leaves and added new ones, plus stirred it all around so that the older peppers mix with the new.

miso soup for supper? yer darn tootins'. especially if your miso starts off with homemade veg broth, dulse, nori, tofu, mushrooms and green pepper.

the radish kimchi on the side doesn't hurt either!

hey - do you know what happens if you let your garlic scapes go to flower? they make seeds. called bulbils.

i cut all mine off so that for the next month the garlic bulb will focus on growth, and the bulbils are at the exact right time for drying. here's a pic of them up close.

each of those tiny bulbils will grow into a garlic might take 5 years but they'll do it. and that's why we save them. for geurilla gardening.

told ya it's been overcast and cloudy - but the air is soooo fresh!

zucchini fritters and fresh blackberries for breakfast.

made up some more veg chow and some more dill pickles.

this is one of the harvests of potatoes that jambaloney brought in. we harvest them as we need them and then wait for our first hard frost (usually december) before we harvest the rest.

here's another load that he harvested to hopefully get us through the next month - we eat a LOT of potatoes!

jambaloney wanted veg curry and that's what he got!

 then we made chips with our potatoes.

he had some of his plain, some with vinegar, some with gravy and some with hot sauce (top plate). i, of course, had poutine! deelish!

well, i'm back online, hate the new set-up, hate my new inbox, hate the layout of stuff - pretty much hate it all. but, and this is huge, my blogger is still the exact same and when i checked a few of your blogs out just to see if everything was the same - it is! so i'll get by...and be by to your blogs in a bit!

sending love!